Press*A*Dent - We'll leave you un-impressed

PRESS · A · DENT's skilled Craftsmen use a trade secret process to remove door dings, small dents, hail damage, and other common forms of minor body damage from cars, trucks and vans without using conventional body repair techniques like hammering, grinding, filling and repainting.

What Can Be Repaired With
The PRESS · A · DENT Process?

  • Parking lot door dings
  • Shopping cart dents
  • Indentations from balls or other thrown objects
  • Depressions caused by objects falling on a vehicle
  • Dents in the trunk or hood caused by pushing down too hard when closing
  • Outward dents caused by objects shifting n the trunk or by closing the lid on tall cargo
  • Other common forms of minor body damage

Paintless - PRESS · A · DENT doesn't use any paint during the repair procedure, and our process will not damage the existing finish. This totally eliminates the possibility of paint mismatch, differences in weathering of painted panels, and overspray on other areas of your car.

Quick and Convenient - Our proven technique removes typical small dents in about an hour. In most cases, the repair can be accomplished while you wait or where your car is located during the day.

Permanent - Unlike conventional forms of auto body repair, with PRESS · A · DENT's process there is no posibility of shrinkage, cracking, sanding lines or paint texture differences - and it's permanent.

Economical - Our price is considerably less than the cost of traditional body shop repairs. In fact, show us your legitimate body shop estimate, and we'll charge you less than half their cost (excludes hail damage).

Guaranteed - PRESS · A · DENT's has been in business over 25 years and our complete satisfaction guarantee is clearly written on every work order.